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Clown Fish at Barges Wreck

Subic Bay Trip – 2017

We have finalized the room packages for our trip to Subic Bay, Philippines this November! There are extremely affordable (single or double) occupancy options available to go with diving in the package. The trip will feature 24 dives over 15 days on the historic ship and aircraft wrecks of Subic Bay. These dives are geared for advanced divers with deep and wreck diving experience, but training options will also be available for divers wanting to use the trip to complete their continuing education, Advanced course, Deep, or Wreck specialties.
Nitrox is included in the package prices. For those not Nitrox certified, we will run the Nitrox specialty course in September at a reduced cost for those traveling with us.  Those wishing to dive air can do so as well. Your package price will be approximately $90.00 less for air, and you will not be eligible for the reduced cost Nitrox specialty.
Having traveled to Subic Bay the last 4 years I have gained some valuable experience and insights into making the trip. One of the primary concerns is airfare.  We have not built airfare into the package price of the trip for several reasons, one of the main ones being that with so many options for buying tickets (and so many rewards programs through credit cards, etc.), people can usually get better pricing on their own.

Here are a few considerations buying airfare:

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling can be much easier on an individual basis. Our planned dates are November 26 to December 12, 2017, departing the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Divers wishing to arrive early or later may do so. We can customize your package as necessary. I will be staying an additional week in Subic, and anyone wishing to stay longer and continue diving is welcome to join me.
  • Departure Airport and Ticket Costs

    Departures from New York area airports can often be less expensive, sometimes by several hundred dollars. This makes a New York departure worth considering. There are many options (bus, train, rental car, long term parking, commuter flight) in traveling to New York from Boston, but logistics, as always, should be the prime consideration to be sure you can comfortably reach your international flight in time for departure (when in doubt, arrive early!).
  • Arrival Airport

    There are two primary airports for flights into the Philippines for travel to Subic, Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, and Clark International in Angeles City. Aquino International is the Philippines primary international airport, and the busiest. While Aquino may offer more options and some slightly less expensive flights, Clark is your best choice. The biggest issue is traffic.  Clark is an easy 1 hour drive to Subic with normally light traffic while Aquino means a 5 to 7 hour adventure in Manila gridlock, even if you are arrive very early in the morning or late at night. Clark is also a much easier airport for arrivals and departures, with fast baggage claim and short customs lines. Cathay Pacific Airlines runs flights to Clark from both Boston and New York, connecting through Hong Kong. Transportation between Aquino International and Subic is around $95.00 each way, as opposed to $65.00 each way for Clark. These costs can be reduced in both cases by traveling with a group and sharing the fee.


  • When to Buy

    Airfare prices fluctuate and are unpredictable. I have purchased my last 3 tickets to Philippines in the summer months, July/August, and have paid between $750.00 and $950.00 for tickets into Clark. Ticket cost from Boston to Clark on Cathay Pacific are currently around $1,100.00 for November 2017travel, but are $660.00 out of New York for flights to Clark next month.


 How to Get Started
Ready for your next diving adventure in Subic Bay? It is easy to begin your trip, just pick the package that suits you best and pay your 20% deposit. You have 8 months to pay the balance and shop for the best airfare. At current prices, the most expensive package cost plus airfare will cost $292.00 a month after deposit. Your airfare cost will likely be less.
The deluxe room package has the highest availability. All the rooms listed, except for the family room, features a single queen sized bed, so keep this in mind if considering a double occupancy room.

                                                                                                                                Deposit            Balance Monthly (8 month)

1 - $1105.00      Standard Room – Single Occupancy                  $221.00 $  884.00           $110.50
2 - $  871.00      Standard Room – Double Occupancy                $174.20 $  696.80           $  87.10
3 - $1341.00      Deluxe Room - Single Occupancy                      $268.20 $1072.80           $134.10
4 - $  989.00      Deluxe Room - Double Occupancy                    $197.80 $  791.20           $  98.90
5 - $1513.00      Superior Room - Single Occupancy                    $306.20 $1210.40           $151.30
6 - $1075.00      Superior Room - Double Occupancy                  $215.00 $  860.00           $107.50
7 - $  909.00      Family Room – 4 Person in room                       $181.80 $  727.20           $  90.90
8 - $  998.00      Family Room – 3 Person in room.                      $199.60 $  798.40           $  99.80
9 - $1181.00      Family Room – 2 Person in room                       $236.20 $  944.80           $118.10


A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place on the trip, with the balance due October 1, 2017

Airfare is not included in the package, but is currently $1,122.00 round trip out of Boston.

The above prices are based on the current exchange rate, as of February 1, and are subject to change until package is paid in full.




F4 Phantom Wreck

Please feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions or would like to talk in more detail about the trip and Subic Bay diving!

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